Dirty Feet

Something a little different for today’s #feetfriday.  To be honest, I’m not all that into dirty feet.  But I know a few of you are, so this is for you.  Most of these pics are from one guy that I once had the opportunity to play with a long time ago, and am trying to get together with again.  The last few pics are of his soleless Converse shoes, so he can get away with being barefoot in public.  This makes the 3rd pair of shoes like that that I know off.  You kinky fuckers!

1016374_1376549409279277_214970376_n 1604558_1379617505639134_1254321382_n 1618520_1376549339279284_1004675950_n 1653982_1382699738664244_89057667_n 1890991_1379617482305803_1265695847_n BSwSt3PIYAA_17_.jpg large21_5915320222_fabbfd4472_b IMAG0496

Here’s the sole less Converse I promised.  Very hot.

1622067_1379617938972424_1856291407_n 1560660_1379618005639084_978706098_n

His screen name is Pacset.  Hot guy, and hot feet, as you can see.

And since I don’t get my own feet dirty too often, I thought I’d include a couple of pics of mine.  Not as dirty as his, but it’s about as dirty as mine ever get!

Photo May 17, 11 39 20 PM Photo May 17, 11 39 34 PM

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