Day: June 28, 2014

TFG Exclusive:  DBB87, Part 3

TFG Exclusive: DBB87, Part 3

Finally got this slave hogtied.

TFG-DBB87 (22) TFG-DBB87 (21) TFG-DBB87 (20)

He was really quite grossed out by my feet and their smell.  So naturally I had to make him appreciate and kiss them more.

TFG-DBB87 (23) TFG-DBB87 (24) TFG-DBB87 (26) TFG-DBB87 (27)

Oh, did I mention he was also extremely ticklish?  I had a good time tormenting him with that as well, with his hands bound to his ankles, and a very humiliating gag in his mouth.

TFG-DBB87 (28) TFG-DBB87 (30)

Lastly, I had him tied to a chair, and tormented him a few more times with my foot.  He learned to kiss it, whether he liked it or not.  He didn’t.

TFG-DBB87 (34) TFG-DBB87 (35)

There were some other sensory and vibrator play that ended up with him having quite a good time.  Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!  All these pics were posted with his permission.  Remember, you can find Part 2 and Part 1 by clicking the links.

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