Slave j

So I’ve just gotten to know him, and I’ve already been toying with him quite a bit.  I don’t even have a proper name for him yet, but let’s just call him slave j for now.  It began with this message:

Hello Sir,

I have reading your blog for some time, and for some reason I remembered a time when I was younger, about 10, where me and my cousins, one male and one female, would get together and play. The instance I am remembering is where me and my female cousin were the puppies of my male cousin. We would crawl around on our hands and knees, barking, and would play fetch etc. We even made a “fort” which we pretended was a kennel. If we were naughty puppies we were punished, and if we were good puppies we were rewarded. I loved the experience, which, being 21 now, we obviously haven’t played that in a long long time. Sometimes I miss playing like that a lot.

Just thought I would share this with you. Also, I am completely ok with You sharing this story Sir. I would just ask that you not use my name.


a blog lover


From this small story, I replied:

That’s an awesome little story!  I’m very busy with personal work for the next couple of weeks, so I’m going to have to hang on to this for a while… but once I get into the swing of making new posts, I will be sure to share (w/o a name, of course).  Thanks for the permission!  If you visit LA, I’ll be happy to play “bad puppy” with you.  🙂



i live in [redacted] and the chance of me ever making it to L.A. are basically non-existent. If You decide to post this to share or not is completely up to You. It just turns me on knowing that You know and could possibly share it to a lot more people. i get turned on every time I read Your blog. Even now while i am writing this to You, i am getting hard.

Your “bad puppy”


As you can guess, that last line piqued my interest.

Glad you’re so turned on and hard.  You should be.  Now spank yourself like a little bitch.  😀

Yes Sir. i spanked myself for You.
Makes me happy, and hard, Sir.
1(2) 1(5)
I knew I had him then.  After a few non-kinky emails, he continued:
Hello Sir,The last few days i have been thinking. i am not sure what i should call You. Do You prefer Master, Sir, or something else? Also, what should i call myself? my name should be whatever You find appropriate.Sincerely,???
As I admitted at the beginning of the post, I still don’t yet have a proper name for him yet.  But on the other issue, I replied,
At the moment, I am fine with either Sir or Master equally.  You are but a pathetic slave.
This week is an extremely busy one for me, so don’t take it personal if I take a long time to reply.
He replied the way a proper slave should, along with a number of details.
Sir,You wouldnt have to reply to me at  all. You can do as You stats are as follows:21 years old, but will be 22 in july
brownish hair (short)
hazel eyes
about the same build in body type as You Siri live in [redacted]. it is a very small town.

i am very new to this Sir and i ask that You be very patient and understanding with me.


hose clamp (i have used this as a make-shift cockring when playing on my own)
rope (lots)
electrical tape
dog collar (red)
screwdriver (used this as a “dildo” and have put this in my ass)

**i do anticipate purchasing more supplies (ballgag, actual dildo, actual cockring, etc) once i have my own place.

This slave proves to be quite entertaining to me later.  If you have anything you’d like him to do, let me know… as well as name suggestions.  We’ll be hearing more from him, I assure you…


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