slave j’s first full service–with commentary

So I have something a little different today.  I’ve been enjoying my new slave quite a bit.  After some email correspondence, we had our first major session not too long ago.  With his permission (including pics, I just can’t show much of his face by his request), I am sharing about it here so that he can be humiliated in front of the world.  Now, to be honest, this session was a while ago, and we’ve done quite a bit more since then, so I was a bit sketchy on the details.  When I wrote up what I recalled, I sent it to slave j to not only make certain I didn’t forget anything, but I also invited him to add his own commentary, which is what you see in blue.  Hope you enjoy hearing about both sides of a cyber slave session!


Slave j told me he usually jerks off once a day. I immediately ordered him to stop, which lasted about 3 days. When you’re a new slave in your early 20s used to jerking off once a day, 3 days can feel like quite an eternity. it was an eternity of torture. I wanted to cum sooooooo bad. He was begging to cum, which is what I like my slaves to do. Of course, I had to put him through his paces first.

He began by showing me how filthy his feet had gotten from doing some yardwork. mowing the lawn etc. it was extremely hot outside which cause me to sweat as well.

IMG_4993 IMG_4991

Naturally, I ordered him to take some generous licks and sucks. He showed me how wet he got his big toe. I was not able to clean my feet very well I am not very flexible. Weird at first, but not too bad. You just never normally think of licking/sucking on your feet.

IMG_4994 IMG_4995

While he was bathing, I ordered him to pinch his own nipples. This was actually kinda hard to do. I was wet from the bath water and my fingers kept slipping off of my nipples. took a little effort to effectively pinch them.

IMG_4997 IMG_4998

Then he had to sit up and show me his pathetic dick.


His clean feet after finishing his bath. I ordered him to lie down and show me his body and hard dick.
IMG_5001 IMG_5005IMG_5006

For my amusement, I ordered him to get down on all fours like a dog and show me a pic of his eager asshole. I had him finger it for me, which is something he doesn’t do often, so it made him feel very humiliated. This was very humiliating. I have never fingered my self, and then sucking on my fingers that were in my ass…. it was degrading and humiliating, but I was willing to push myself to please my Master.

Next, I had him stroke his dick against his feet. And a bit more nipple pinching. Finally, I like it when a slave’s mouth is full, so I had him suck on his own fingers. as I mentioned before I am not very flexible so that is as far as I could bend my legs so my feet couldn’t get any closer to the base of my dick.
IMG_5011 IMG_5013IMG_5014crop

As you can see, he enjoyed it at long last, after about 30 minutes of slaving and cock teasing. PURE TORTURE!! the 30 minutes lasted forever!!! was releaved to be able to cum, but I knew that wouldn’t be the end of it.  But I wasn’t quite done with him yet… I had him smear his cum on his feet and chest, very slimy and sticky and gross. I am not used to playing with my cum so I did actually gag a little when smearing my cum on my chest. and to leave there to dry up and crust over and to be unwashed, so that it would be on him the entire next day at work. He did it, too. it was very degrading and humiliating. I was very worried that people would notice a smell or something, they didn’t. it was weird knowing that I was covered in my own jizz
IMG_5016 IMG_5014crop

What a pathetic loser. But he loved it all. There’s going to be a lot more from slave j…




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