Sorry for the lack of post yesterday.  If you follow my twitter, I was both out of town and feeling a bit sick.  Still am a bit sick, to be honest, but well enough to get a few posts set up.  Given that I’ve been pretty swamped lately, though this would be a good time to post this topic.

While I’ve never personally experienced it, there is something about quicksand that I find very erotic.  I think it combines the feelings of gunge and encasement, as well as helplessness.  Whenever I first ran across it in the movie The Neverending Story (well, that guy is underage, but I was the same age at the time, so it’s okay), Krull, and Flash Gordon (the 80’s version), I always got a little tight in my pants.  See if you don’t.

More recently, the very hot David Henrie.

And an interesting marshmallow goop.

Here’s a few other pics.  Many are small… it’s tough to find good male quicksand pics.

7223827_orig 173638040_640 quicksand_3_by_aqualad87-d4lg3iv th thumbnail(2) thumbnail(3) thumbnail(4) thumbnail

Oooh, you mean I can combine my superhero fetish with quicksand?  Excuse me while I jack off over the thought.  I’m pretty sure this is a manip, but I don’t think I care.


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