slave j’s cum punishment

Not long after his camping trip ordeal, I gave slave j an order from me not to cum until I gave him permission to do so.  torture being as i had already been waiting for several days.  I was wanting him to remain chaste for about 3 days.  I did allow him to stoke, to further increase his torment and misery, but not cum.  Imagine my displeasure when I got a message from him saying that he had shot a load anyway.  For this, he had to be severely punished.  i was extremely sorry i had cummed. i appologized greatly. and, i would like to point out that i behaved enough to at least tell Master that i had cummed. [TFG–a fair enough point.]

slave j happens to have a dog collar, which I told him he must wear with every session with me from now on. I told him to grab the ziploc baggie of his unwashed, 3 day old socks and underwear from his camping trip, which by now, had fermented into putrescence.  understatement. they were HORRIBLE!!!  Naturally, I wanted him to get every article of clothing nice and clean. So he was ordered to mouth wash each piece for 10 minutes while on his hands and knees like a bitch dog. You can see the result of the first sock below. As you can see, he did a thorough job.  The taste was putrid. i wanted to gag and spit and throw up. i felt humiliated, degraded, and worthless, however i knew this is what i deserved being as i had disobeyed Master

IMG_5070crop IMG_5072

His next task was to mouth wash his underwear.  the underwear tasted better that the socks due to the underwear only being sweaty and not all of the dirty, mud, and gunk  But I also forced him to lie on his back with his arms and legs in the air like a dog as he did so.

cumpunishment1-blur (5) cumpunishment1-crop (9)


I told him to chew it all over like the bitch he was.  As you can see above, he did a pretty good job.  All the wet spots are where he drooled on it while it was in his mouth.

Next up was his second sock.  By now, his mouth had tasted every morsel of foot sweat, ass sweat, and body filth imaginable.  the second sock did not taste as bad as the first sock but it was still extremely gross, nasty, and humiliating.


But to add to his degradation, I had him put the underwear, still damp with his saliva, back on.  And since he enjoys being put in his place in very embarrassing situations, he was instructed to put one of the socks inside the front part of his underwear, and one in the back. Damn, it looks disgusting, doesn’t it?  He seems to be a true fag.  It was wearing all this that he was finally allowed to stroke and shoot a load.  the socks were extremely wet with saliva. it was nasty having my socks in my underwear. the sock in the back actually worked its way up into my ass cheeks and to my ass crack. it gave my a sock wedgie.

IMG_5080IMG_5079 IMG_5078

IMG_5082 IMG_5089

When he did finally cum, I told him to remove all the clothing and rub his putrid underwear all over his face, which he did obediently.


As for his cum, I had him rub it all over his chest, and all over his face and lips.  I initially wanted him to eat it, but that was a limit for him.  He did agree to the face, and I did think that was a good compromise.  sooooo gross!!!!!!! smearing my cum all over my chest actually did make me gag some. i have not really done any playing with my cum so this was new for me. i felt humiliated and pathetic. the face was even worse, here i am putting my jizz on my FACE! just when i thought i couldnt sink any lower, i had to put it directly on my lips. even though i didnt have to eat my cum, i could still taste it. nasty.

IMG_5090 IMG_5093

However, as a small punishment for not being able to eat it, I had him spread out his body as if I had tied him up spread eagled and remain still for 10 minutes, so he could think about how pathetic he was (remember, he’s still covered in cum and the smell of used socks and underwear), which he did.  I told him if he moved, it would turn into 20 minutes.  He complied with the 10.  this was actually harder than i thought. i could not see a clock or a time of any sort so when i was done, i just hoped it had been enough time. the whole while, the smell of cum and dirty socks/underwear filled my nose causing the situation to sink in. i couldn’t help thinking “did i really just do that” my chest became super tight as my cum dried. i was very disgusted with myself, but at the same time, i was glad the whole thing happened. i was glad i was owned.

cumpunishment1 (29)IMG_5094

Finally, I wanted him to slap his own face, but people were nearby, so instead I had him pinch his cheeks until they were red.  The result is below.  this hurt actually really bad. the intensity and the time i had to pinch them to get them red. it did leave marks on my cheeks for the whole following day.

IMG_5096crop IMG_5098crop

This all happened over the course of at least 90 minutes, so it was a fairly long session.  This was all interspersed with me telling him how pathetic his is.  But I still wasn’t satisfied, I wanted him punished even more, so he would never disobey me again.  That happened a couple of nights later…


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