TFG Tips: Hidden Camera for iPhone

If you follow my twitter, you may notice I love taking candid pics of guy’s feet.  How do I do this?  With an app on my iPhone.

There are many to choose from (just search for “hidden camera” apps), but the one I prefer so far is called SpyPic.  It displays a dummy screen to your phone so that it looks like you’re doing something else, but just touch the screen, and it will take a picture.  The picture will be slightly transparent (the degree of which you can control) so that you can see through it and get idea of the shot.  It comes with a few dummy screens already, but you can create your own.  I’ve found either something that looks like a shopping list (very handy when at the grocery store or Target), or a partially filled game of soduko, works best because they are screens you can just stare at for a long time.  In fact, when I’m with my BF and I break it out, I tell him I’m “playing soduko”, and he knows exactly what I’m doing.  And since I’m taking pics of feet, the angle of the camera is quite natural, and doesn’t cause any suspicion (though sometimes you have to stand in semi-near proximity).

All the pics in this post were from this app.  These are some of my personal favorites.


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The feet in this pic belong to a well known kinkster. Any guesses? Hint: he also likes feet.

As you can see, the pics in natural light turn out better.  The only downside to the app is that it hasn’t been updated in a long time (last time was 2011!), and the pic quality could be better.  There also seems to be a small bug where it occasionally defaults to the front camera, giving some unintentional selfies.  But even with those flaws, I’ve still found it amazingly useful.  As you can see.  🙂  If you search for “hidden camera”, lots of apps will come up, although they all vary in quality, and most don’t seem to be that good.

If you have IOS 7, another way to take “spy pics” without the need of an app has posted here:  The downside to it is it could take a bit to set it up, and you would be taking pics rather blindly.

One small word of caution:  many of these apps don’t disable the “click” noise built into the cameras.  That’s pretty hard wired in.  However, I tend to keep my phone on the lowest possible volume anyway, so when taking candid pics in public spaces, there is enough background noise so that it’s never noticed.  Still, if it does bug you, or it’s deathly silent, remember to put your phone on mute.

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