Day: August 2, 2014

slave j’s cum punishment continues

slave j’s cum punishment continues

This event won’t take too long to post about, but for slave j, this was a nearly 2 hour ordeal.

This was my final installment of slave j’s punishment for cumming without permission. You can see what he went through first here.  After that ordeal, all the socks and underwear went back into the ziploc bag.  which preserved the nastiness very well much to my dismay.  This was probably about 2 days after that.

I wanted the punishment to fit the crime.  If he wanted to cum so badly, then he would cum a lot.  He was told to cum 3 times in one night.  For his first cum, he would put one sock over his hard dick, and the other he’d rub and smell and taste.  As you can see in the second pic, he managed to shoot quite a load into that sock.  the first load was not too bad. the smell of my sock was horrible, but i had cummed pretty quickly, so i didnt have to smell it very long.

IMG_5108cropblur IMG_5110

He also had to rewear his underwear, and shoot a load into that.  This took longer.  the second load did take a little while. it also was not as big a load as i normally have. so i was a little worried i would not be able to cum a 3rd time. i was already feeling drained.


Finally, he had to repeat the sock order, but now switching socks.  This mean the sock he just shot a load in was being shoved into his own face.  This load took quite a bit longer, as by now, the poor pathetic slave almost had to rub his dick raw to get another load out of it.  But as you can see, he still had quite a bit of cock cream still in him.  the last load was horrible!! it took forever and my cock was so sore and hurt so bad from all the stroking i had to do. i was so thankful and relieved when i finally shot my load.

IMG_5112crop IMG_5113

After all 3 loads were shot, I had him put all his wet, creamed, used, and unwashed clothes back on his body.  He assumed me his socks were wet and slimy.  I told him to get used to it, as he’d be spending the rest of the night wear them.  this was very gross and humiliating. i felt very degraded. my socks oozed into my feet. they felt simply disgusting.

IMG_5114  Photo Jun 08, 7 04 58 AM

Of course by now, I was quite hard myself, and I wanted to shoot a load at his expense.  But as a slave’s job is to be obedient and know his Master controls him completely, I told him to get another sock to gag himself with.  Still wearing the creamed underwear and socks, I ordered him to get on his knees, put his hands behind his back, and bow his sock gagged mouth until I shot my own load.  I looked over at all his pictures he had sent me as I finally got off.  The gag, kneeling, and bowing was actually very comforting and natural. i felt as though that is were i belonged. the outfit was not the greatest, as it was nasty. i am truly meant to be owned by Master. i love serving and pleasing him


He thanked me for treating him the way he deserves, as he should.  as i should. i hope to be owned by Master for a very long time.