TFG Exclusive: TicklishGuys Solo, Part 1

He really keeps begging for more, doesn’t he?  The pics from this meet up are split up a bit unusual.  Many are here, but since he also has a bit of a superhero kink, he found himself in some Spiderman lycra.  Because of that, those pics will be posted next week at my other blog, Captured Heroes Blog.  So keep an eye on that one for the rest of this set!

Since he’s a fit young lad, he had to take his shirt off immediately.  He’s usually more of a Dom, but he enjoys subbing for me, and I certainly won’t argue.

TFG_TG2014 (3) TFG_TG2014 (2)

The socks in the pics below were fairly worn.  Especially the soiled white one.  Yum!

TFG_TG2014 (7) TFG_TG2014 (8)

Thought he deserved to service my feet completely.  He enjoyed it.

TFG_TG2014 (5)

Finally, he was tied with his elbows up.  Remember, he also enjoys being tickled, and this was an ideal position to tickle him… as he well found out.  But not before appreciating my feet a bit more while vulnerable and helpless.

TFG_TG2014 (4)

I know this is a short set, but I think the quality of the pics more than make up for it.  More to cum next week…

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