Hot Model

Ran across this first from a gay freebie magazine, and then researched a bit more online.  This is from the men’s clothing site LASC (which seems to be local to Los Angeles.  Local pride, holla).  This model totally caught my eye.  Sexy face, eyes, body, and feet.  Any ID and further pics of him (preferably barefoot, of course!) would be welcomed.

The final pic on the bottom was also from their site, and while it’s not the same model, it definitely got my attention.

54_ss13542lasclasc-004_copy 54_ss13542lasclasc-008_copy 56_ss13562lasclasc-003_copy_1 56_ss13562lasclasc-005_copy_1 ba9137-tank-top-black bx9379mm-lime 1394672170260555838

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