TFG Exclusive: TicklishGuys Solo, Part 2

This is the final set of his pics for this blog, but remember, he had part of his session in Spiderman lycra, which just started getting posted to my Captured Heroes Blog.  Go take a look!  He shows his feet and chest off a lot there, too.

I’m not even really a pits guy, but those are too hot to resist!

TFG_TG2014 (1)

Another reminder of his used socks.

TFG_TG2014 (9)

This was the best part of the night.  He was tied down to a chair.  As you can see from his precum, he was definitely enjoying himself.  Maybe a bit too much.

TFG_TG2014 (23) TFG_TG2014 (24)

Then I put a Hitachi Magic Wand in his crotch (I swear, this toy has been my best friend in meets–everyone I’ve ever used it on has loved it), and told him to hold it there with his legs. As you can see, being quite ticklish, he had a hard time with it. But it was fun to watch him suffer.  You’d almost think he didn’t appreciate my treatment of him.

TFG_TG2014 (25)

Later, I showed some mercy and made it easier to hold in place.  The problem for him is that maybe it was a bit too secure.  But his problem wasn’t exactly my problem, if you know what I mean.  And I found a way to add a bit more extra incentive.

TFG_TG2014 (26) TFG_TG2014 (28)

You can see how the “Tickle Slave” writing had faded over the course of play.  (The top pic was done first thing in the evening.)  The mark of a good time, as far as I’m concerned.  If you missed Part 1 of this adventure, it’s here.  Also relive the first time I met him in this post.  And there is another occasion… but I’ll save that for later.  But some of you clever, longtime blog visitors may already realize where you’ve seen him before…

Remember to visit Captured Heroes Blog to see the Spiderman/Feet/Chest pics!

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