Day: August 30, 2014

slave duel: gay vs. straight–it begins

By now you are all familiar with PAW_ss (straight) and slave j (gay).  They are both some of the most pathetic cyber slaves I’ve ever had.  And since it was a rather unique situation with one being gay and one being straight, I decided it could be fun to have a bit of a competition between the two of them.  I sent this out to both of them:

So by now you both know you will be competing to see who can be the most useless, most pathetic, worthless slave I own. It’s been challenging for me to come up with tasks that could suit both of you. I think I’ve hit as best as a balance I can.

First, a couple of ground rules.

This will all be done via email. KIK messages will not count. This is to create an equal playing field, as PAW_ss is not using KIK at this time. (Unless PAW_ss changes his mind)
Pics will be needed of all tasks as proof. This does put PAW_ss at a slight disadvantage, since he doesn’t do pics much. Because of this, there will be one extra challenge that is only for him. Additionally, because of slave j’s eagerness to show pics, he has been given additional tasks to accomplish that do not count towards this game.

Since I will be going out of town for the next 2 weeks, the deadline for the challenges will be on midnight my time, Friday, June 27. Not everything has to be done at once.
It is my intention to be posting as much of this to the blog as I can, unless you specifically tell me not to post a certain pic or information. However, no task requires to see your obscured face. A few tasks may require an obscured face.

So what I will be doing is providing a list of various tasks to be done. All will be assigned a point value. Some tasks are worth more points than others. The more tasks you do to my satisfaction, the more points you get. If a task is not done to my satisfaction, I may not assign any points. If you see a task you don’t want to do, you don’t have to do it. Just know you are loosing those points.

Whoever has the highest point total by the deadline (Friday, June 27) will be declared the winner. (Realize it may take me a couple of days to calculate the winner.) The winner will have the satisfaction of temporarily owning the other slave for a week, as well as my praise in the blog. The loser will be completely ignored by me for a period of time to be determined by me, and how disgusted I am with the loser. Plus they will be chaste for a period of time that will be determined by the winner.

If you agree to all these terms, send me a confirmation ASAP, and we can let the games begin!


After receiving a confirmation from them both, the games began.  The follow up email (and as you can see, I enjoy rules and detail):

Both slaves have agreed. It seems the games are about to begin!

A few more final notes and clarifications. First, keep in mind that I am leaving out of town for a work trip for about 2 weeks beginning tomorrow. So both of you may not hear from me much during this time. But I will do everything I can to keep track when I get an opportunity to do so, and rest assured, I will be paying attention as best I can. Secondly, although the winner will get to Dom the other, they will have to go through me to insure all limits are being respected. Third, note some tasks can only be done once, while others can be repeated. Pay attention to each individual instructions.

Ready? Good luck, bitches.

The following tasks are worth anywhere from 0-10 points, depending on creativity and personal humiliation factors:

  • Write my name (TFG or TiedFeetGuy) on your body with a black sharpie in the most creative way possible. You may add other appropriate wording, such as “Property of…”, “I am a slave”, “Please abuse these nipples” with arrows pointing to them, etc. If it wears off/gets erased, and you write new messages on your body, additional points can be given. This may be repeated up to three times.
  • Write in longhand, on paper, “I am TiedFeetGuy’s humiliated, worthless, pathetic slave” as much as you can, like the grade school punishments. 10 points for every set of 100 (should be numbered), no limit.
  • Put as many tight rubber bands on your feet at one time. This may only be done once.
  • Put as many clothespins/clips on your body as one time as possible. This may be repeated one additional time, provided the clips are in a different configuration.
  • Get your feet as flithy, muddy, and disgusting as possible. Bonus points if you also submit pics of you rubbing your face in it, kissing it, or licking it. This may only be done one time.

The following tasks are worth 10-20 points, depending on creativity and/or risk factor

  • Gunge yourself with a shaving cream pie. Bonus points if you mix in other gross ingredients into it (baked beans, peanut butter, piss, etc.), but I will need to see a pic of each ingredient as it goes in. Points are given per pie, up to 5 pies.
  • Fill your tightest pair of underwear with as much gunge material as possible: chocolate syrup, custard, whipped cream, baked beans, molasses, cake batter, etc. 10 Bonus points if your put that underwear over your head. This may only be done once.
  • Take a pic of yourself in a humiliating/kinky position in a public place. For instance, on your knees, hands behind your back, head bowed at the library; on all fours in the grocery store; smelling your feet or shoes at the park; duct tape over your mouth at the beach; etc. Points are given for every pic you submit in a new location. No limit. Bonus points may be awarded if there is a crowd of people also in the pic, more so if you manage to sneak your hard dick into the shot. Face pic not required, but more points will be given. Partial face pic acceptable, and no face can also be acceptable if you can also be holding a note identifying yourself (either PAW_ss or slave j). (Note: If you are not comfortable with any of these pic going public, you may request to not have it posted to the blog at no penalty)

Because this task is the most risky, it’s worth the most points: 20-30 points per pic, depending on risk factor

  • Send me pics of bare feet of guys you know. To prevent you from just finding random barefeet pics on the internet, the pics must include their hands, which will have their index fingers crossed together like an “x” or plus sign. How you get them to agree to that as well as be barefoot is part of the challenge. Bonus points if the pic is of their soles, and more bonus points if it includes their face, and even more if they’re young and cute, lol. And yourself doesn’t count, lol. (Note: this task is the one exception to posting. I will not post these pics to the blog, unless you tell me it’s okay. These pics will be for my eyes only.) No limit.

The extra task for PAW_ss only: submit an appropriate slave name for slave j. 0-10 points, depending on how much I like the name and feel it suits him. You may submit a maximum of 3 suggestions.

Breaking rules can result in points being taken away at my discretion. If you are not clear about any of the challenges, you may ask for clarification. If situations arise during the course of the challenge, I will resolve them as best I can.

Enjoy all your humiliations, slaves. This will be fun. Well, at least for me, anyway…

And so it will be.  I will be posting their tasks next time.