Humilating Fartlove08 by text

Well, well… I got a chance to talk a bit more with fartlove08.  He revealed to me that he enjoys ass sweat.   I simply couldn’t let that go, especially since I knew my ass actually was sweaty at that moment.  Text posted below with his permission, typos and all (that sort of adds to the fun and urgency of the situation).  And remember his screen name… anything with ass, odors, humiliation, and smells get this slave going.  Keep that in mind as you read.  Italics are me.
And as a matter of fact, I do have an ass full of dark, sweaty hair


and I could use a cleaning with your face

fuuckk *pants*

it’d be like a fucking wet brillo pad

;alsdjfals;dfjk asdf

With a hint of ass smell

ugugh shittt thats so nasty and hot

Care to lick off my ass hair sweat?
Not that you have a choice, by the way

Pleasure yes.

*gradully lowers ass crack towards your face*

*sniffing hungrily* oh my god stop stop this is…ugughhh

*stops just before it touches*
Beg for it

PLEASE. Please make me eat your disgusting, sweaty hairy crack. Please i need it. please please I need to eat your sweaty manly ass

stick your tongue out and moan

*sticking my tongue out I start moaning and groaning, desperate to get near the hair*

*ass hair is just being flicked by the tip of your tongue*
so close

*flicking desperately* please please Master let me eat it. I need to gag on your hairy ass

Wait… hold on…

No..not that.

Can’t hold it in…

*my face turns red with tongue out as I sniff desperately at the gas, the stench filling my nostrils*

breathe it in

*breathing heavily*
ugh it’s so rankk


*inhaling like a dog*

*covers your mouth with my hand*
”To insure you use your nose”
”‘Cause I have one more in me”

*i moan loudly into your hand and inhale deeply, breathing in the noxious fumes through my nose as it curls and my eyes water in both humiliation and over whelming smell*

I think my ass hairs still have some of the scent on them…
*sits firmly on your face*

PLEASE can I eat your sweaty hole Sir?

No, I’m going to rub it all over your fag face first
*grinds my ass all over your face*
*full weight on your*

*moaning and panting like an animal as I feel the hairs cover my faggot face and leave their sweaty marks over it to claim ownership*

Kiss my ass

*I give a long and passionate kiss to your crack, feeling the hairs at my lips and sniffing the stench of a man*

tongue kiss my ass, opening and closing your mouth like a fish out of water

*i immediately open my mouth and begin to rim and eat you out with passion, french kissing your hole and slurping at it like a filthy faggot. Desperate for you to humiliate me and laugh at me, to claim ownership, opening my jaw wide to suck in as much ass hair as possible as I lick and suckle around your hole and flicking my tongue across the sweaty rank bud*

Feels good, slave
You know your place

*snorting into your crack* Yes Master, at your hole.

*slaps your cheek* Less talking, more eating

*my dick jumps at the abuse as I continue eating your masculine, big ass. I start flicking over your pink hole in circles, all different patterns to pleasure you and hit your buttons to make you feel completely satisfied, slurping up and down the crack to worship the taste of your disgusting ass, and savoring the rank taste on my tongue as I completely make love to your budding pink hole*

*sits up* enough, slave. Time for me to go. But before I do…
*wipes my hand all over your ass-sweated on face*
Lick my fingers clean, fag
*sticks them in your mouth to suck on*

*I suckle on them and moan, closing my eyes as I lick and clean each individual finger*

Suck on ’em like a dick

*I begin taking your fingers one by one and then adding more until I’m sucking them like a dick, licking under them, around the nails, flicking my tongue over them*

*holds fingers under your nose to sniff*

*sniffing at them and only picking up a trace of ass, most of it being licked clean*
*But I still sniff them desperately and sigh in pleasure*

*smacks your face with my wet hand*
Open your mouth, bitch

*I open eagerly*

*Spits into it*

*my face turns solid red as I swallow*
Thank you Sir


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