slave duel: gay vs. straight, Part 1

The first shot was fired the very next day after the challenge begun, and it was a strong opening move by PAW_ss.

Hi Sir,

i’m not sure how many of the gunge tasks i’ll be able to do so i wanted to get one out of the way while i could. my supplies are somewhat limited, but i decided to go with a shaving cream and ketchup pie…utterly disgusting! i’ve never used savory things in my gunge before and i think that’s been a smart decision, i almost puked when i smashed the pie in my face. i’m attaching some pics.


IMG_1575 IMG_1576 IMG_1577

He did submit pics of his gunged face, which I am keeping to myself… one of the benefits of being the Master.  I awarded him 18 points.

The day after that, slave j countered with his first submission… my name on his body.  Keep in mind one slave did not know exactly what the other did at any given time, until I told them when updating the scores with each new task accomplished.


I liked that he was hard, and gave him 8 points.  A few days later, he sent a couple more.

1 2

It’s a bit hard to read, but it does say “TFG’s slave”.  Since it was tough to read, I only gave him 5 points for this.

At this point, PAW_ss countered with his own body writing.

Photo on 6-18-14 at 1.56 PM

In his words:  “Here i’ve drawn on myself for You to show that You own me, and yes, you may put this in the blog…gulp”

The idea that a straight guy would beg me to abuse his body, not to mention humiliate himself like this, impressed me.  I gave him 8 points.  This put the score at 26 for PAW_ss, and a mere 13 for slave j.  But don’t worry, he was about to catch up soon, as you’ll see next time…


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