slave duel: gay vs. straight, Part 2–The End

slave j was behind, but he started catching up with this impressive display of self-abuse.

30 rubber bands that were doubled over Sir.  They were on for about 10 mins Master. They were so tight that if i tried to snap them, the rubber bands broke.

duel (4) duel (5) duel (6)

For this, I gave him 9 points, giving him a total of 22.

At this point, PAW_ss had a name suggestion for slave j:

Hey Sir,
so i have come up with a suggestions for slave j’s name. It is a play off of Teacher’s Pet, since he seems so apt to please You, almost to the point that it’s a little bit brown nose-y. So one idea could be TFG’s_pet, but they may become a tad redundent when you all are talking to each other, so I’ll try to think of other ones.


To be honest, I that particular name didn’t move me much, so I only gave him 2 points for that, brining his score to 28.

This is when slave j made his big move.  He submitted all the following pics within the same day.

1(2) 1(3) 1 1(4)

I thought this was overall quite impressive.  I awarded him 6 points for clothespins on his dick and balls, 8 points for clothespins all over his foot, and 6 points for a final body writing.  This was also the last of his submissions, bringing his total score to 42.

Not to be outdone, PAW_ss made his final move.


First there’s a pic of clothespins on my feet. I wanted more, but i couldn’t figure out how to get more to stick. They still hurt like crazy nonetheless!

There’s also a pic of some pins around my nipples and even kind of under my arms. Never done that before, and now I know why, cuz it freaking hurts!! Once again, I would’ve like to put more on, but it was super hard to find skin to put them on.

One more thing, I’ve thought of another name suggestion for slave j; how about LLSlaveJ? The LL stands for Lowest Loser then Slave J (of course you could change the meanings of the L’s as those are just suggestions.

Hopefully this brings me up decently in the ratings.

Photo on 6-26-14 at 8.05 PM #2 Photo on 6-26-14 at 8.07 PM

I was impressed by this and the text.  Kind of implies he has a tight little body, which is pretty hot.  For his clothespins efforts, I’m giving him 10 points (6for the feet,45 for the nipples/pits).  And I think he may be on to something with the name for slave j.  I’ll have to work on it myself (and if others have suggestions, I’m open to hearing them).  I’m going to give him 7 points for the name.

Given his previous score of 28, that gives him 45.  since slave j only has 42, this makes PAW_ss the winner!  But it was indeed a very close race, so I find both slaves utterly worthless.  But at the end of the day, slave j may indeed be earning his new “lowest loser” name after all.

This means that PAW_ss can have the opportunity to Dom slave j around as he pleases.  And I may also be open to having you, the readers, come up with embarrassing and humiliating things for slave j to do, now that he’s earned a full reputation as a loser.

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