slave TL tortures his body with clips

slave TL certainly enjoys humiliating himself.  I told him to put clothespins on his body, which is something he hasn’t done much before.

Here are more pics for you sir the clothe pins begin to really hurt after awhile and boy wants to take them off so badly but knowing that it turns sir on to know boy is suffering for you boy endures for your pleasure.

What an eager little slave!  And he enjoys sending me little bonus pics.  Hope you like them as much as I do…

IMG_20140612_030033_642 IMG_20140612_030208_827 IMG_20140628_022812_911 IMG_20140628_022825_608 IMG_20140705_233324_427 IMG_20140706_093043_855 IMG_20140706_093100_535 IMG_20140706_093401_340 IMG_20140706_093502_194 IMG_20140706_094414_587 IMG_20140706_094754_138

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