A bit late for Halloween, but…

Okay, I totally didn’t remember about this until now, but I do have a fun horror movie short that most of you who visit this site would enjoy.  Through a (non-kinky) friend, I discovered a site called The Blood Factory.  It seems to specialize in low budget horror movie shorts, in the 2-3 minute range.

Surprisingly, a few have some recognizable guest actors.  But the one that would be of interest here is called Rough Trade.  (Tech note:  I did have some trouble getting the video to play at first, but it did come up after a few tries.  if the link doesn’t work, visit thebloodfactory.com, go to “the theater”, and scroll all the way to the right to the first film, to a thumbnail with a guy in glasses.)  It involves a hunky, adorkable guy with a pretty hot body decked out in gear, visiting his first dominatrix.  (So yes, be warned… there is a woman in this.)  Turns out she has a foot fetish, so we get some nice glimpses of his feet.

Told you you’d be interested, right?  That being said, things do turn out badly for him and his feet.  Depending on your squeamish factor, you may find either gross, funny, or both.   So if you are sensitive to gore, the ending may not be for you.

I have some screen caps of the short for you.  Not the best quality, but you get the idea.  Hope you enjoy, even though Halloween is long over.

roughtrade01 roughtrade02 roughtrade03 roughtrade04 roughtrade05 roughtrade06 roughtrade08

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