Your Asks, answered!

yApollo asked:

if you could smell any dude’s feet in the whole wide world, whose feet would you want to smell and why? what kind of socks/sneaks would you want him wearing? under what circumstances? 😉

Ugh.  There’s so many, it’s really hard to narrow down to one.  If I could have a group, here’s my current top celeb feet fantasies.  I base this both on how cute the guy is, how cute their feet are, and imagining who could have smelly feet.

  • Zac Efron
  • Tyler Posey
  • Ross Lynch
  • Tom Daley
  • David Henrie

But if you’re going to force me to choose just one, I think I’d have to go with my latest crush, Austin North.  First off, he’s hot.  Love his skinny, lean body and face.  And his feet look incredible.  I suspect they’d be pretty clean, but I think they could get smelly.  And finally, I do have a weakness for blondes.  I’ve had next to no opportunity to work with a blonde guy’s feet, and I totally think bleach blondes like him often have incredible feet.

Socks?  I think I’d prefer white cotton ankle socks.  So they can be worn a lot, and get very sweaty and smelly.  I can hold them over my nose (or his!) and be gagged with them.  Not too picky about the sneakers… as long as they’re very, very used.  🙂  Circumstances?  Him tied and and being my slave for the night.  Or weekend.  Or week.

zuzux asked:

I’d like to ask, what do you think about flat-feet boy? This illnes is important or not? Do you know good-looking guy, who has flat-feet? Would you post a series of pics about them?

It’s not important to me at all.  While I prefer a nice, high arch, perhaps surprisingly, flat feet don’t really bother me at all.  I do find them sexy in their own way.  They may not fit on my face as well, but there is more to lick.  There was one guy I knew who was pretty cute and he admitted he had flat feet.  I did eventually get to see them (although in a non-sexual context), and I still found them hot.

I’m not against doing a series of pics about them, but I don’t run into them very often.  I do feel that in general, most people don’t find them all that attractive.   But as for me, I don’t mind at all.

jjherms asked:

When are you going to torment PAW_ss some more? Maybe have slave j get his revenge on him or something?

Both PAW_ss and LL_slavej (remember, he was renamed LL as the Lowest of the Low) have been pretty busy with their personal/work lives, as have been I.  But now that you mention it, it would be fun to see them get abused a bit again, wouldn’t it?

Now that you mention it, LL_slavej did have a recent chance to humiliate himself, and you’ll get to see it next week.  Stay tuned…




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