Month: December 2014

Another year gone by

Another year gone by

It’s hard to believe 2014 is coming to a close.  As it does so, I’m thinking again about the future of this blog.  I do still enjoy it, but I also see blogs like mine losing out a bit to tumblr.  Despite many, many format changes over the years, I am noticing a bit of a decline in readers.  Although I can’t argue too much… I’m still pulling in over 1,000 page visits per day on average.  But there was a time it was 1,500.

As much as I don’t mind putting in the work to keep this blog going, there is a part of me that’s not quite as into it as I once was.  I do enjoy searching out for hot pics (and occasionally getting to create my own sets), as well as the people I’ve met and chatted with because of this blog.  It has provided me with some amazing opportunities.  But my personal life is also starting to demand just as much attention, and I think I’ve been focusing on that a bit more.  I think this has become more of a hobby than a passion and need, as it once was.  And I think that’s okay.

I’ll still be keeping up the blog as best I can throughout 2015.  But will say the one thing I like the most… I do enjoy hearing from you, the readers.  So give me a write and let me know what you think, or just say hi!  Or better yet, send me some hot pics.

Oh, and to bring in the new year, I hope to have some new slider images for the header.  And I’ve also updated my Recon profile with more updated pics of myself, my Dom work, and my feet (although if you’ve been a regular visitor here, you should recognize most of them).  I think you’ll enjoy them…

Wanna see more of FeatherTicklish?

Wanna see more of FeatherTicklish?

So I actually announced this before, but I think many people missed it. After all my adventures with FeatherTicklish, he told me after the fact that he didn’t mind at all if his full face was shown. Now, I didn’t really take any full on clear face shots deliberately, and the few I do have show his face in semi-contorted positions from laughter. I do have a fair number, though, that do show his eyes. And as you can see from above, you can see his mouth. I will say he has a pretty sexy smile.

I’ll be you’d like to see these face pics, wouldn’t you? I have 15 pics that show his face in part (mostly eyes) and two full face pics, as well as a 2 minute video that shows him reacting to this situation below.

TFGfeatherticklish (22)
Want to see a 2 minute video of this? Read below.

Well, this is what I decided to do. I made the post with his face pics, as well as a link to his video, password protected. How do you get the password? You need to purchase an item via my shopping links. No amount is too small, as long as you purchased them by clicking my links. You will then contact me, telling me the exact amount you spent. I can verify it with my affiliates. Once this is done, I will write you back with the link and password to the post.

Again, I must emphasize two things:

  1. don’t have super high expectations for the face pics. He’s actually a super cute guy, but I didn’t exactly catch him in super cute moments (aside from his smile and eyes). And remember there are only 2 full face pics, the rest are his eyes. Which are pretty damn hot, if you ask me. Since I didn’t plan on showing his face, I hadn’t taken many pics that showed his face in the first place.
  2. You must click the affiliate links from my blog. If you just buy an item from them by just typing their name into google, I can’t verify your purchase.


I think this could be a bit of a win-win. Hopefully you are buying an item you can use, and you get access to Bonus content as well. I probably won’t do this often, as most models don’t want their face shown. But if any do, I can do this again in the future!
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