Day: December 14, 2014

Creative Bondage Equipment

Creative Bondage Equipment

So my BF likes to think outside the box.  He’s sort of wanted a St. Andrew’s Cross for a while, but I don’t have to tell you, they’re very expensive.  Plus, he likes to be a bit unique.

He has a few tools, but he’s really not a handyman by any means… both his extent and mine stop at putting together IKEA furniture (although we can do that quite well, thank you).  But as you can see below, he’s found a bit of a creative solution.



So he found a section of wooden fencing at Home Depot.  He brought it home, sanded it a bit for splinters, and cut off some of the decorative elements.  It leans perfectly against our bed, and when tied against the top canopy frame, is quite sturdy.  Cost?  $30.  And to a certain degree, it could end up being a bit more versatile than a St. Andrew’s Cross.  Of course, the downside is storage and set up time, so we probably won’t be using it too often.  But we’ll see what possibilities happen later on.  Something to look forward too…