Day: January 4, 2015

New Year, New News

New Year, New News

Blog Update

So quite a few things to update you on!  First off, the rather obvious new look to the blog.  All that’s really changed is the color scheme and header pics in the slider at the top.  But I felt it was time for a change.  There’s one more color scheme available, but at the rate I’m going, you’ll have to wait until 2016 to see that one.  After that, I’ll either return to yellow or have a totally new look altogether.

Wedding Bells

In other news, my BF has finally allowed me to say something here… we’re married!  To be honest, we’ve been married.  But due to privacy issues (more him that me, but me too), we didn’t want to be public with it here at the time.  But by now, enough time has passed by.  So I can now openly refer to him as my husband.  Remember, I don’t talk about him much here as he is very, very particular about his privacy for both work and personal reasons.  But we are, and have been, very happy together.

I’m sure I’ll be talking about our marriage more as time goes on.  I was anxious to say something about it because I feel it’s important to know that two kinky guys can get married, too.  I know others have, but as a whole, it’s generally not something you hear about too often.  Also, most kinky marriages tend to be “open” to a certain degree.  I don’t really consider ours open.  Yes, I can meet up with others for photoshoots, but I don’t engage with any explicit sex acts.

If you do have questions about our marriage, please feel free to ask!  I know we stay private about many things, but if the question is too personal, I won’t be offended, nor would my husband… curiosity is a natural thing.  I just ask you to be understanding if I can’t answer it.  But it never hurts to ask in the first place.

Seeking Suspension Play Mentor

Another reason I’ve announced this is that my husband (who is pretty much the ropework you see when I’m the model) is getting very interested in learning about suspension, and how to do it safely.  We do have a bondage bed from Mr. S, and we do have crossbeams over the top that, collectively, should be able to support me.  So if there is anyone in the Los Angeles area who’d be willing to meet up with us in person and give some instruction, please contact me.  He’s even willing to pay for the lesson is necessary.  Obviously, we’d be taking pics of anything that comes out of it.

San Francisco Travels

Also, if you’re in the San Francisco area, I’ll be up there Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  I can’t promise I’d have the time to meet up (socially or kinky), as I’m already making some plans.  But you never know!  So contact me and say hi.  If you’re a young twink into feet and looking to slave, maybe I’ll shift my priorities around…