Grindr & a Personal Favorite

I don’t normally post pics I find on Grindr, but these first three were too hot to resist.

IMG_6175 IMG_6196 Photo Dec 18, 9 13 32 PM

Next, a few pics that were sent to me by a guy I really, really, want to have a scene with one day.  We’ve talked off and on for years, and I am totally in love with his meaty feet.  He really is into the idea of being a slave, getting tied up, and especially bastinado.  But dang it, all the good ones (well, many of them) are all in England, and it’s tough to find each other when I’m in Los Angeles.  Still, can’t you imagine how hot it would be to beat on these twink feet?  In any case, we were chatting recently, and like a good slave, he immediately shared these pics with me.  (Posted with his permission)

IMG_6215 IMG_6211 IMG_6210 IMG_6209

An older pic of his feet is the header image of this post.  You may recognize them from the About TFG page–it’s pretty damn close to my idea of ideal feet.  Thick, meaty, smooth, and appears very smelly.

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