The internet never forgets

I post quite a few pics of myself, so I don’t mind when they get shared around on tumblr.  But in the very early days of this blog, I did post a few nude shots of myself.  I decided later that I’d rather not show off “all the goods”–partly because I like to keep some mystery, and partly for job security and personal privacy reasons.  I’ve never really posted a full face pic of myself (there was a very small-ish one on my About Me page–but it’s been gone for a while, don’t bother looking for it now), although back in the day, I didn’t blur out as much of my face as I probably should have.  Fortunately, most of those pics are pretty old, weren’t tagged with my site name, and I’ve since taken many of them down or reblurred them more.

However, about two weeks ago, I did run across one of these old pics.  Fortunately my face didn’t show in it, nor any tagging, but I did recognize myself and my tied up body and hard cock.  Interestingly, it was attached with another pic unrelated to me completely, although it was a similar pose.  I believe it had a few hundred notes on it, although I had not run across it before.

Fortunately, since my identity is pretty secure in this particular pic (it wasn’t even taken at my home, but while in a hotel, so not even the background is recognizable), I’m not very worried.  But I do have to say it was a surreal moment for me, and a good reminder that anything you post online can live forever.  There does exist a pic out there of my hard cock, but I’ll never confirm or deny which one.

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