So many cyber slaves, so little time: PupC

So yet another worthless boi has come to me begging for cyber enslavement.  Got this email:

Hello Sir,

i am interested in being your cyberslave for at least one session Sir, possibly more if You like what you see Sir. i don’t have much to use Sir, but i will do what i can for You. i am new to this so taking it slow would be nice Sir. i hope to hear from you soon Sir!

When a slave uses the format that I prefer for proper slave communication (go to my FAQ and scroll down to “How do I become your cyber slave?”, and note the final bullet point), I’m always impressed.  I asked him to tell me a bit about himself, as well as to send a few sample pics of his feet and chest.

Yes Sir. i am 20 years old Sir. i am 5’7″, 138lbs, have a size 9-9.5 shoe and i have and average body Sir, but am working out Sir. I live in North Carolina Sir. i am into lots of things sir and i will try pretty much anything at least once Sir assuming it’s not too disgusting.

Cody (2) Cody (3) Cody (4)

I liked what I saw, but naturally I wanted to see the soles of his feet.

Here is the picture You wanted! Also, i can only kiss and lick my toes Sir. i will work on getting to lick the rest of my feet for You Sir! i kissed and licked my toes for You Sir!  i can only imagine what task You will come up with for me Sir!
Cody (1)
This young slave seems very eager, doesn’t he?  Well, he is just as eager as it appears.  I didn’t have time for a full task for PupC (his initial name) immediately, but I did give him a rather humiliating one right off the bat… but you’ll have to wait to see that later.
In the meantime, I gotta say, there’s nothing like going to my inbox and seeing young hot guys sending me pics, begging and pleading for me to abuse them.  It can be a good life sometimes.
Note:  all pics posted with his permission.

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