LL_slavej 6 day edging, Part 1

So as is sometimes the case, real life will occasionally interfere with cyber slaves.  But imagine how happy I was when LL_slavej wrote me and said he was ready for me to control his cumming.

Since it had been a while since I had this opportunity, I thought I’d take advantage of it.  I decided he would need to edge over the course of 6 days.  The first day, he’d edge for 5 minutes.  The next day, 10.  And so on, adding 5 minutes day day until he edged for 30 minutes after 6 days of not cumming.  I think this was a just punishment.  He was also ordered to tie up his balls.


He updated me frequently.  The first pic is him beginning his first 5 minute night, and the second pic is at the end of 5 minutes.  Looks pretty hard already, doesn’t he?

6dayedge (1) 6dayedge (3)


His 10 minutes session the next night.  When he was done, he wrote me that his dick as ready to burst.  Already.  What a loser.

6dayedge (4)

Third day, 15 minutes.  A pre-pic, and a comment from me.

6dayedge (5)6dayedge (1)

The end of his 15 minutes, with a bit of conversation afterwards.

6dayedge (6) 6dayedge (2)

Next night at 20 minutes.

6dayedge (8) 6dayedge (3) 6dayedge (9)

Two more nights to go, and I raised the stakes even more.  But you, like he, will have to wait and suffer…

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