Yes, we’re back!

Yeah, the site’s been “tied up” a bit lately.  Although for once, not in a good way.  The problem seemed to be more with the web host than the blog itself.  As you can see, I had been posting all along, but the host wasn’t updating them.

Because most of you have so much to catch up on, I won’t post anything new for the rest of the month, and I’ll begin again in March.  I probably will set up a few tumblr posts in the meantime, just for fun.

Hopefully things will continue to be okay for a while.  If you do catch any problems, let me know.  Remember, you can follow my twitter for updates.  And lastly, a big thanks to @tallglassofoj for his help in getting the site functional again.  I know next to nothing about web hosting, and without his help, I don’t know if I would have had the technical skills to get the site running again.

In the meantime, please go back and visit all the posts that you missed!

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