LL_slavej 6 day edging, Part 2

As we last saw, I had ordered LL_slavej to edge himself over the course of 6 days, in increase intervals of 5 minutes.  We’re up to the final two days, where he had to edge first for 25 minutes, and then the next night for 30 minutes.  Remember, this is after he already hadn’t cum in 4 days.

But I still wasn’t satisfied.  So I raised the stakes a bit more, to increase his well-deserved agony.

6dayedge (4)

So he first sent me a pic in the morning of the sock he planned to wear all day that he’d gag himself with.  Then, when it was time that night, the tied dick pic and the sock gagged mouth.  He claimed his dick was ready to cum before barely even starting.

6dayedge (10) 6dayedge (11) 6dayedge (12)

He sent texts with the following pics, as you can see below.

6dayedge (13)
Gag still in, drooling sir
6dayedge (14)
Done stroking
6dayedge (15)
Sock is drenched

I love that you really can see him drooling in that sock gag pic.  Must’ve felt pathetic.

This left one final night to go. Had to make it a grand finale.  But first, a morning pic of the sock he planned to use.

6dayedge (16)
The sock is ready for tonight Master

Then I wanted to torture him more.  It must be noted that one of his limits is eating cum.  If fact, he has a hard time even touching it.  I thought that 6 days without cumming would perhaps weaken is cum-eating limit, but it was still a no go.  Still, as you can see below, I was a bit persistent, and wanted to push him a bit. (Note:  I did remove a bit of “equal” conversation between the first and second pic of the text)

6dayedge (5) 6dayedge (6) 6dayedge (7)

Finally, it was time for him to begin his final 30 minutes of edging.  Dick tied, sock gagged, and watching porn.

6dayedge (17)6dayedge (18)

6dayedge (8)

6dayedge (9) 6dayedge (10) 6dayedge (19) 6dayedge (20) 6dayedge (21) 6dayedge (22) 6dayedge (12) 6dayedge (23) 6dayedge (24)

A very nice and happy ending for all, don’t you think?

Note:  all pics have been posted with his permission. 


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