Day: March 8, 2015

TFG Thoughts:  Keeping it up

TFG Thoughts: Keeping it up

It’s time to confess something.  In terms of getting off, I’ve always been a quickie.  Even in terms of my kinks.  Meaning I generally don’t care for long term bondage (an hour is long enough for me), and when I jerk off, I’m typically done within 2-5 minutes.  That said, if I’m in the mood, I could still jerk off up 3 times a day, maybe more.  Not bad for a guy in his mid-forties.

I suppose it follows that if a scene–kink, sex, or both–goes on for much longer than 5-10 minutes without a change in stimulation, I’m finding that I’m often losing my erection.  At first, I was chalking it up to my age.  I also would say that my work in general is pretty stressful, and that stress has had an impact on my sex life before.  So that could also be a factor.  Although I’m coming to realize that lately in terms of kink, my libdo gets off way more on feet than just bondage.  So if I’m tied up, and there are no smelly feet/socks/shoes to keep me occupied, there’s a good chance I won’t stay hard.  For me personally, bondage alone is generally not enough anymore.  Although the two together are still the best for me.

But I’m thinking it also has to do with my short attention sex span.  Which makes me feel a bit awkward for both my husband and perhaps anyone else that ties me up.  I don’t want to give the impression I’m not enjoying things.  I am.  But sometimes, my cock doesn’t actually give the obvious reading.

I guess what I want to know is, does anyone else go through this?  Regardless of age?