TFG Thoughts: Upcoming Projects

So first off, I got these pics sent to me from TheUAJock, that I thought you’s all enjoy.  See, this is another reason to follow my twitter.  I have over 500 followers, which is pretty awesome!  I feel I beat the “rule of 2” that I’ve personally noticed… that most twitter followers don’t seem to generally have more than twice the number of people they follow themselves.  Since I’m only following just over 150 (and tbh, many of them aren’t very active), I feel I’ve done pretty well for myself.

So what am I working on for the future?  Well, I’ve asked a couple of people to do some interviews for me.  Although they’re being a bit slow to respond *cough, cough*, but if/when they do get around to it, I’ll be happy to post.

Also, I’m going to be working on two new pages.  One will be a compilation of all my gear.  My husband and I have aquired so much gear over the years, even we practically don’t know all that we have.  So it’ll be a good excuse to go back through all we have.

Secondly, over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to work and abuse (willingly, of course) quite a few subs, and I think I should create a page of highlights of my Dom work.  Both in person and cyber.

I have a lot of both, so it may take a while.  But it’ll be fun to work on!

Other personal news… I hope to be taking a trip up to San Fransisco at the beginning of April.  My time there is short and limited, but I hope to meet a few people.  And possibly make a very large, long desired purchase.

Lastly, a guy I’ve been chatting with for years in New York may be making a big move out to Los Angeles.  And a meet with him is long overdue.  He’s very into gags and tighty-whitey underwear.  Fortunately, I can accommodate him in both.  So hopefully there’ll be some good times ahead!  UPDATE:  Sadly, I just found out he won’t be moving after all.  Dang it.

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