Adventures of a High School… Molester?

So quite a while ago, I posted a few articles about gay pulp fiction (here and here), as well as my fantastic visit to Kayo Books in San Francisco.

Once I saw the cover of the above book, I became obsessed.  I had to get (and of course, read) this book.  My favorite part is the tagline at the top:  “Bucky Clark’s secret got him into more than just a jam–it made him a personal slave to his best friend and all their athlete buddies!”  I mean, who can resist that?


The back cover.  Not much there visually, but in case you can’t read it, it says

Bucky Clark’s fascination with the Advocate was a private one, carefully kept from all his school chums–until that fateful day when his boyhood pal and fellow athlete him him like a ton of bricks with the news that he knew all about Bucky’s preference for men.  From that day on, Handsome, hunky Bucky Clark was to become the personal property of anybody his buddy designated–for whatever they wanted!

Given my proclivity towards twinks and slaves, you can perhaps understand my interest.  So with my guidance, I was able to find them online (although not easily), and I’ve read them.

Sadly for my taste, there’s not too much in the way of slaving, aside from Bucky being ordered to perform various sexual tasks.  After a short set up, Bucky goes out on a double date with his friend Tippy (you can’t make these names up–the book does date from 1976).  After neither guy gets any action with their female dates, they begin to drink, and Tippy casually remarks how horny he is.  And Bucky wouldn’t mind if he starting jacking off a bit, would he?  Oh, and that he saw Bucky purchasing the Advocate.  Before you can say “experimental college phase”, Bucky ends up with a face (and mouth) full of dick.

Perhaps surprisingly, the vast majority of the book is a single, very, very extended scene that happens in the locker room the next day, when Tippy decides to bring a few of his friends to help break in Bucky.  I guess I expected a lot of separate scenes, not one long one.  But in that scene, just about every major (vanilla-ish) sex act you can think of does happen:  naked wrestling, oral, anal, rimming, and all three pissing on him as a grand finale.  There are a few passages that do explore the fact that Bucky realizes he actually enjoys the humiliation of being treated as a sex object, and these passages are not unlike what I write about here.  They’re not long, but to me, they were memorable.

After his long de-virgining in the locker room, he has one more adventure with Tippy at his house.  But in the middle of this final scene, where some of the only bondage occurs (he gets tied naked over a stool), as well as the fact that Bucky begins to answer Tippy’s requests with a “Yes, sir”, the book took a hard right turn that got me quite uncomfortable in a bad way.   First off, Tippy starts to come across not as an aggressive Dom, but almost psychotic.  I mean, I know this book is a fantasy and written in a different time, but it’s hard to imagine a time where basically rape and physical abuse (of the bad kind–during a small fight, Bucky gets knocked unconscious, and that’s when he gets tied up–not exactly consensual, and that’s not even mentioning the Polaroid pics Tippy starts taking as blackmail) were okay.

Making things way, way worse, though… basically entering unforgivable territory, if you ask me… they get caught by Tippy’s little brother.  And before we know it, the little brother gets involved in the scene.  Yeah, really.  Perhaps intentionally, the book never mentions the specific age of the little brother.  But implications are enough to make it very, very uncomfortable.  It was actually difficult to read, and I only got through it imagining that he really wasn’t as young as they it was being suggested (and that I kept reminding myself this was a book of fiction)–but really, it’s not played off that way.  Regardless of the age, there are definite incestuous overtones that are not cool.  Even for the time the book was published, I find it tough to believe that was acceptable back then.

It really marred what I thought was going to be a pretty enjoyable book.  I still stand behind the cover art (occasionally, it becomes the lock screen on my phone, lol), but most of the content could have been better.

There is actually a second book.  The cover is not quite as hot or funny, but similar.  I did manage to read it, and there’s another scene with the little brother, and it’s even worse and more uncomfortable if possible.  Pretty much skipped that part… and pity, because if the same scene had played out between two guys of age and consensually, it had the potential to be really hot.  And again, after that, the remainder of the book mostly focuses on a single, extended scene that involves the coach (!), baby oil, and a lot of nude wrestling with lots of members of the team wearing Halloween masks.

The bright spot is that the books ends on a note that hints there may be some of age, consensual hard-core kinky sex in book three… yes, there is a third book.  But I haven’t gotten around to that one yet.  Maybe one day.  But when I do, there better not be any more of the little brother.  That’s really just disturbing.

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