Month: April 2015

TFG Thoughts:  New music discovery!

TFG Thoughts: New music discovery!

Quite a while ago, I posted that my husband and I typically have sex in silence–meaning, we’ve never put on any music.  My husband does have a thing for silence in that respect, so I didn’t think it too unusual.

But recently, before we were about to begin, he mentioned if I had anything to listen to, because he had a song he couldn’t get out of his head, and it would have distracted him from sex.  I found a playlist on my iPod that I typically use when I want something to energize me and keep me focused, but not distracted.  Turns out it was pretty damn good kinky sex music, too.  They’re strong beats with a bit of an industrial vibe, and no lyrics to distract you.  Plus, the songs average 4-8 minutes long, so it doesn’t run short easily.

We used Death of a Typographer by Byetone, and Primate by Tommy Four Seven.  A few sample songs are embedded below.

What about you… what music do you like during kinky sex? Contact me and let me know.