Day: April 12, 2015

TFG Thoughts:  My blonde feet obsession

TFG Thoughts: My blonde feet obsession

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I’ve been quite fortunate to have been able to meet up with more guys than I ever would have expected (for being in a committed relationship), and have enjoyed a fair number of feet in my day.  But one of my biggest fantasies is to have at the feet of a sexy blonde twink… even more so if he has sexy blonde leg hair.

I can’t explain it, but I find the feet of tan blonde twinks to be doubly sexy.  And more often than not, I’ve noticed their feet seem to be super sexy to me.  Whenever I see them, I just fall in love with their shape, proportion of the toes, and the smoothness of the soles.  Perhaps it’s my own bias but I really want to get at a pair.  And believe it or not, but essentially all the feet I’ve ever run across have been of brunets.  Not that I’m complaining too much; many of those feet have also been incredibly sexy.  But blonde feet have been quite elusive to me, and as they say, you always want what you haven’t had.

There was one guy who was sort of a dirty blonde, and I do have to say, although his feet were incredibly small (size 6!), they were pretty hot.  His pics are below.  (Unfortunately, he’s not local to me, and I’ve since lost touch with him–but you can relive the full sets here, here, and here.)  But while a very hot guy, he wasn’t the classic bleach blonde guy I fantasize about.

TFGjordmac (7)TFGjordmac (11)TFGjordmac (38)TFGjordmac (40)

Who’s the best example of what I’m talking about?  Currently, I’d say it’s Austin North (who is 18 in all these pics).  I mean, look at those feet!

Olivia-Holt---Austin-Norths-18th-Birthday-Bash-in-Malibu--06 tfgAustinNorth (8) Austin North (I Didn't Do It ep 16)

So if you’re a blonde twink in the Los Angeles area, and you want to get your feet licked (and most likely lick mine while I had you willingly tied up)… contact me immediately and step to the front of the line.  🙂

Oh, and similar goes for super, super smelly.  Most guys don’t have the super smelly feet that I often crave.  So that can be another reason to reach out to me.