Month: May 2015

TFG Thoughts:  Too many cyber slaves?  And many travels.

TFG Thoughts: Too many cyber slaves? And many travels.

I’m not sure what’s in the air, but lately, I have been receiving a large number of requests to work with cyber slaves.  I guess I should be flattered… I actually do enjoy doing it, and it’s fun to post pics of their humiliation here (assuming I have their permission).

But with my work schedule, my personal life (i’ll actually be going out of town a lot these next few months, often for a week or more at a time), and recent high demand… unfortunately, I just can’t get to everyone.  So if you have recently requested, I please ask for your patience.  At most, I can maybe do a task or two, but with long delays, there’s a possibility you may not even hear from me again for a long period.  It’s nothing personal, but there’s only so much I can do with the time I have.



On a side note, as mentioned above, I’m going to be traveling a lot over these next few months.  Like travel for 7 or 8 days, come home for 3, and then head back out for another week.  The trips are a mix of vacation for me, vacation with the husband, and some work.

I will do my best to keep posts scheduled in my absence.  But just in case you notice the blog goes a week or more without updates… that’ll be why.

Interview:  TheUAJock

Interview: TheUAJock

So if you have followed this blog for a while, you know I chat with him off and on quite a bit over the years.  He’s most well-known for his elaborate duct tape mummifications, as well as an obvious affinity towards UA gear.

uaj02 (4)

I’ve meet him twice in person, the first being a really cool chat.  There have also been countless teases as he wore a pair of his socks for over a year before he gave them to me (just search his name on this site; you’ll find them).  But I thought it was time for all of us to get to know him a bit better, so I asked him for an interview here.  Let’s just say good things take time, but finally, here it is, along with a few pics he sent me of some of his favorite work.  Enjoy!

uaj02 (2) uaj02 (3)  uaj02 (5) uaj02 (6)   uaj02 (9)

On average, how often do you get to tie people up?

I did tie up guys a lot more back in the day and that was about 3-4 sessions a week, but for the past year with me going back to school, I would say it about once a week I have a session.
About how many people have you mummified?

LOL, oooo that is a good one. I am not sure but I would have to say 200+ guys at this point.
A side-note, I have kept the mummification cocoons from scenes where I really liked the design on the wrap. I have probably 150 of the mummification cocoons.
Do you ever get tired of mummification?

Nope, its Mummification, how could I get tired of that?
That is like asking, “Do you ever get tired of Under Armour or Bacon?”
What is it about mummification that appeals to you as a top?

The control I have over movement of the sub, and air the sub can breathe. There are several ways to do a mummification, such as tight, loose, restrictive. The mouth and nose area can be the same way too.
About how long do you leave subs in a mummification?

The general rule is 1-2 hours the first time, but the it varies after that. I have done overnight and extended session like 8-10 hours for certain subs. The longest I have kept someone is 17+ hours.
Do you have any fear about being “typecast” as an expert mummifier?  What other bondage positions do you enjoy (as a Dom)?

What is wrong with being typecast as that? I am proud to be labeled that. There are plenty of people who already think I am the best and call me an artist. I take it all in stride though.
I also enjoy ropes, restraints, suspension, predicament bondage, chains, etc. I am open to many areas, but yes it seems I am know for mummification and wrappings.
How do you feel about gags?

“Gear it up, tie it down, gag it tightly…” I like varies gags, but Ducttape [Ducttape is one word and is it capitalized] gags are the best. Next would be bandana and sockgags, then the rest like ballgags, hoods etc. I like to make the gag fit the scene, but also, I like gags to be more personal like gag oneself with his own socks.


When did you first discover you enjoyed UA? About how many pieces of UA do you own? What is it about UA that attracts you to it so much?

A trip to Philly, PA in February 2008[Yeah I know I am a dorque for knowing it that exactly] to meet another gear guy. He had a shirt and hat, and once I saw them and wore them, I was hooked. It seems other kinksters are the same way. I have gotten many of guys hooked on UA. There are some guys that send me pics of themselves in their new UA when they get it and I take that as a a good thing.


Do you have a favorite UA outfit (for yourself, or on a sub)?
That is a tough one. It depends on my mood, where I am going, which scene etc. My favorite item is one of my first purchases and it is a black UA hat. It has some special private meaning.


Favorite gear outside of UA?
That would be football gear, then hockey, then SWAT, then Army, etc

uaj02 (8)uaj02 (1)

What’s been a memorable sub and/or scene?
It would be the first time I did my artist mummification. It was for a friends birthday and the scene went on for like 5 hours. I shot my load 3 times during that scene.


A favorite or memorable mummy design?
That a tough one too. Doing the DC shoe logo on a buddy was one that did take some time and looks cool.

uaj02 (7)
What advice do you have for people who want to work with duct tape for the first time?  Does it hurt the sub when you pull the tape off the skin?
Use saran wrap under the Ducttape, for god sake, so not put Ducttape on bare skin and hair.  No, because there is saran wrap under it!


Any tips you’ve learned specifically about mummification over the years?
Yes, but I am working on an eBook for that…
Any final thoughts?

TheUAJock Definitions:

Wrapping: is when the sub is covered mainly by saran wrap and some Ducttape
Mummification: is when the sub is covered with a base layer of saran wrap and then completely covered by Ducttape
Independent mummification: is when some or all of the limbs are wrapped separately
Mobile mummification: is when a sub can walk in the mummification

Even as you read this, he is teasing me with pictures he’s sending me from some of his work at IML this year.  Hmmph.

So I do have one additional fun fact… I actually have been tied up by TheUAJock.  It was not a mummification, but a wrapping and a hogtie, and all in my Robin lycra.  Haven’t gotten around to posting it yet, but I’m working on it.  There’s a lot of photos to go through, well over 100.  Although technically it’s more suited to my Captured Heroes Blog since it’s all in Robin lycra, but I’d probably post highlights here as well.  Keep an eye out for them!


PAW_ss Hotel Punishment, Part 2

PAW_ss Hotel Punishment, Part 2

We continue from where we left off… with PAW_ss removing his socks with his mouth.  Keep in mind a few pics I refer to in the texts are not posted to maintain his privacy, as they showed too much of his full face.

PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (14)PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (12)PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (15)PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (13)PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (13)PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (17)PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (15)  PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (18)PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (19)PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (16)    PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (20)PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (17)  PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (18)  PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (23)PAW_ss-HotelPunishment (19)

The bathroom, eh?  Yeah, he really gets put through his paces in there… but you’ll have to see that later…