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So a few months ago, I took a short trip to San Francisco.  Didn’t end up having any scenes, but I did get to accomplish one major goal I’ve had for a long time… I ordered the Deluxe Leather Sleepsack.


This decision didn’t come easy.  I mean, of course, I’ve wanted one forever.  I love the Neoprene Sleepsack I have now, but at a size medium, it’s frankly a bit too big for me.  When I tried this on in the store, it was way more confining while still comfortable.  So I knew I wanted another one.  Plus, this one can be customized.

However, it’s terribly expensive.  Let’s put it this way… it’s nearly 2/3 of my monthly paycheck (net, anyway).  Plus, if I was going to spend all that money, I wanted to try it on in person to ensure a proper fit.  If you recall, about three years ago, I actually had tried one in the store before.  But in the intervening time, I had forgotten my exact size.  I had a good guess, but again, for all that money, I didn’t want to guess.

I had been in the store earlier in the year, and I ran into a sleepsack sitting on the rack (no pun intended) that was already customized in the manner you see below.  This is the base of the sleepsack, where the soles of your feet would be.  If you can’t tell, it was a zipper along the tops of where the toes would be.  There was also a vertical zipper, which I would assume would give some access to the soles of the feet.


Obviously, I thought this was a great idea.  Even 3 years ago, when I first had tried one on, they did mention they could do this sort of customization.  When I asked about it this time, I mentioned that I had seen it in their store earlier, the associate replied, “Oh yeah, I remember that.  As I seem to recall, the sewers said they never wanted to do that again.”  My heart sank a little bit, but he said he’d go back and see what he could do.  Long story short, after getting to meet one of the sewers, they agreed that the zipper they did before was extremely difficult to do, but alternately, a horseshoe shaped zipper along the edge of flat part of the foot would do the job just as well.  It’d cost $75, which I felt was fair.  We’ll see how it turns out.  They did admit that I’m basically only the second person to ask for this customization, which frankly surprised me.

The other customizations I got, which were off their usual list, included:  tit flap access, ankle cushion, leather side in (for comfort and easy clean–plus, and I agreed with the associate here–it’d look really sexy that way), and to add a bit more space around my hands, as that area was a bit tight when I tried it on.

This time, as I was in the store alone, I didn’t get any pics of me while in the sleepsack.  I was only in it for about 15-20 minutes… it really was more for sizing than being sexy.  Plus, I was a bit too worried about the cost to be too turned on, lol.  But while I was changing back into my clothes, I did manage a quick shirtless selfie that I posted to my twitter a while back.

So now you know the story behind the pic.  In any case, because it’s a custom order, it won’t be arriving for at least another month or two. And it may take a bit longer before I get to any pics. But rest assured, they will be coming!

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