TFG Thoughts: Turn Offs, Out of Town

In terms of kink, I feel I’m generally pretty open minded.  Over the years of this blog and my relationship, I’ve discovered kinks I didn’t know I have.  I found I enjoy lycra and superhero play, gunge, being a tickler (although still not -lee), cyberDoming, and being a Dom in real life.  I’ve also found I can be quite abusive and verbal as a Dom, and really enjoying humiliating slaves in ways I didn’t think I was capable of before.

But, as well all have, there area few hard limits or turn offs.  Aside from the obvious (permanent marks, blood, underage, etc.), there are two for me that I’ve just never been about to come around to, and frankly even disgust me a bit.

The first one is sounding.  Just the very idea of it makes me cringe.  I do fully understand there are guys into it, and that’s fine.  We all have to do what works for ourselves.  But it’s just not up my alley (no pun intended).

The other one is extreme and large butt play.  Dildos that are larger than my arm give me pause, as well as fisting in general.  And asses that look a bit torn apart.  I can see how guys that are into ass play (and really, to be fully honest, I’m not super into ass play much) would maybe see this as the ultimate goal, but to me, it just looks gross.

If you are into these things, I don’t want to stop you.  But for me personally, I just move along.

It may surprise you to know that I’m not against scat (as a Dom, in any case.  Not as much as a sub).  I’ve never actually done it, but I can imagine some scat/toilet play with some subs.  One proposed give me a BJ while taking a dump, and then pushing his head into the bowl when I was done.  Now, I don’t let anyone but my husband engage in oral sex with me, so I had to say no immediately.  But I do have confess, the scat-ish part of it was interesting to me.  Nothing I would haven’t craved left to my own devices, but if I knew it’d turn on a sub, I’m not against it.

It’s not for everyone, I know.  But I’d entertain that more than sounding.  That’s just me.




On a side note, just wanted to remind readers that I’m going out of town for essentially the next two weeks.  I have blog posts set up while I’m gone, but it does mean that if you write or contact me during this time, I may be very slow to reply.

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