TFG vs. SaltLakeFootman

A bit ago, I had the “pleasure” of running into SaltLakeFootman.  It was a short, but very hot and fun, meet.  He got to work on my feet first, as he should.

TFG-TG2014IMG_5534 TFG-TG2014IMG_5535 TFG-TG2014IMG_5537 TFG-TG2014IMG_5539 TFG-TG2014IMG_5541 TFG-TG2014IMG_5542 TFG-TG2014IMG_5543 TFG-TG2014IMG_5544

Later, however, I took the (for me) very unusual sub position and worked on his feet.  This was my view from the floor of his feet on my chest.

TFG-TG2014IMG_5545 TFG-TG2014IMG_5546

Turns out, he can be a pretty cruel Master (and Master, not Sir.  Be sure to get it right with him).  I very, very rarely sub for anyone other than my husband, so this was a real switch for me.  But he and I have been chatting on and off for a while, I’ve been a big fan of his work, and I felt comfortable with him.  He’s probably only a handful of people I’d sub for outside my marriage.  (For the record, “sub” included verbal abuse and foot worship only, not actual sex.  Just to clarify.)  With some luck, you will be hearing more from him here soon-ish.

He’s recently been making some videos that are pretty hot.  One is below, and it shows his face, socks, and bare feet.  Hope you enjoy.

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