Reader Submissions

Got a few pics from readers to share.  First, a reader said:

Hi, Love your blog. Not sure if you like these kinds of pictures, but here are some of a couple of dares I had to perform whilst playing truth or dare. The first involved a my foot and a fly zapper. For the second, we played hangman on my big toe – I lost so had to write on my foot and then hold a fire lighter to it. Happy for you to do whatever you want with the pics.


feet42 feet46 feet47 feet305 foot71

I asked if the dares turned him on, and what was written on his foot:

Glad you liked the pics.  Yes, the dares did turn me on.  The person who dared me had no idea the first time – they didn’t think I’d do it.  They had more of an idea the second time, though. The word on my foot was stinky. 

Another reader who wants to go by the name teef sent me some pics:

I´m 29, my shoe-size is 44 (Eur) in germany, i´m 185 cm and my wight is 75 kg.
I thought they were pretty hot.  Hope you agree.
374_1000 407_1000 409_1000 teef1 teef2 teef3
I didn’t even ask him to put the “TFG Slave” on his feet, he just did it!  I love my loyal slave followers.

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