TFG: Pup Play

Not too long ago, I saw this article about pup play in a mainstream website.  It was very interesting to me, and they did not treat it as a freak show, like most “normal” websites probably would.

I personally am not all that into pup play, but I can see it’s appeal.  That said, I often wonder to myself why I’m not into it more.  I like that it crosses over into slave play.  You can give pup orders or commands, and it should be obedient and loyal.  At the same time, there is a playful element to it that is generally not there with slave play.

I actually am quite funny in my non-kink life, but somehow it feels odd to me incorporating that side into a slave session.  Not that slave sessions are without humor at times, but it’s often either accidental, or during a momentary “check in” point, perhaps between scenes.  Largely, however (and I do realize that many people have other approaches to scenes that may not line up with my views), the rest of the scene with a slave is typically intended to be harsh, disciplined, and perhaps degrading if that’s what the slave is into.

My views on pup play are from the outside, as I’ve never personally experienced it.  I do like the “dehumanizing” aspect of it… literally treating that pup as an animal.  To a certain degree, that’s about as low as a slave can go.  Making them bark, be on all fours, leading them on a leash… that is all pretty hot.

Also, it seems to be generally implied (although again, I do realize there are many exceptions to this) that pups are young.  Eager, and in need of some training.  Indeed, the word “pup” connotates a youthful aspect to it.  For me, the hottest pups to me are lean, thin, and lithe twinks.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to train that?  I may not be an expert, but it’s something I’m open to trying if the right person comes along.

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