Things to cum

Just thought I’d tease you a bit about some upcoming original content.   An eager blonde twink slave, a newbie young Latin slave, a ducttape mummification by TheUAJock, a well known foot model who’s reemerging on the scene (pics on the bottom of the post… anyone recognize those supple, sexy feet?), and a foot 3some.  With two pretty well known foot guys.  If you follow my tumblr or twitter, you may already know who they are, and have seen some other pics.  I actually have quite a backlog, so you have all this totally unseen content to look forward to.

IMG_0049 IMG_0030 IMG_0018 2015-06-22 Play 026 2015-06-22 Play 015 blove7 (29) blove7 (24) blove7 (5)20150720_194612IMG_0020IMG_0036Photo Jul 20, 7 52 45 PMphoto_14372_54ef64ee794b9photo_14390_54ef64eeae460photo_14393_54ef64eeb55a7

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