TFG Exclusive: S & M slave

I actually had some other posts scheduled, but I bumped them around to make this one happen.  It’s that significant.

Trust me, S & M does not mean what you think it does in this case.  I ran into a guy who was looking to be owned.  Not necessarily unusual, but this one had a twist, as you will see.  (Pics of our texts posted with permission.  He has not yet given me permission to post pics, though he may allow it in the future.)


Did you read that second box again?  Yup, in this case, S & M stands for Straight & Married.  Definitely a new one for me.  I later asked him for details, and he did confirm (and allowed me to share here):  he’s been married to a woman for 15 years.


I also asked him how long he’s been doing this, and it’s been about 2 years.  I asked him what he’s done with other Masters (most of which were male, but two were female).  The answers were a bit surprising, and definitely worth a read.


IMG_8153 IMG_8154

Pretty impressive.  I obviously couldn’t resist, and I have been Doming him quite a bit already, and he is a very eager and obedient slave.  He has sent me pics and some short video, but those will remain private at this time until he allows me to post them.  I’ve seen his chest, feet, and cock, and also his open mouth and tongue, which I asked him to send me so that I can imagine what I’d see if he ever were granted the privilege of kneeling before me.  (I do doubt an in person meet would happen–he lives nearly on the other side of the country as me.)  I can also say that I’ve already had him edging on his knees for periods of time, and instructed him that when he cums, he’ll shoot his load on the floor, get on all fours, and lick it up like a dog.  I also made him send me a short video of his hard cock, and forcing him to say aloud that I now own it.  That was fun to make a straight, married guy say!

This actually marks the second straight male slave I’ve had the privilege to bring to their knees, the first being PAW_ss (Pathetic And Worthless straight slave).  You can read my first contacts with PAW_ss here, and a very hot time I had with him when he had about an hour to himself in a hotel room here.  (And for the record, I had another hot session with PAW_ss recently that will be posted about at a later date.)

I’m sure you’re guessing the next question that I eventually asked him.


Here’s the bad news.  As quickly as he contacted he, he just as quickly said he needed a break.  So I’m not sure if I’ll be hearing back from him or not.  It caught me a bit off guard, because he was clearly a very obedient little slave bitch who had done this before, and our sessions were pretty intense given the brief time we were in contact.  I can sort of understand why… even though I promised not to involve his family (he claimed they had no idea), he may have felt it constituted “cheating”.  I suppose it depends on your definition.

If he does return, and he gives me permission to share again, I will keep you all updated.  In the meantime, if you are a straight and married guy looking to be Dommed… contact me.

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