Day: August 15, 2015

Robin vs. TheUAJock previews & More

Robin vs. TheUAJock previews & More

So I actually got to have a meeting with TheUAJock a while ago.  I had a total of three scenes done.  The first two were done in my Robin gear.  Because of this, I’ll be posting the full sets to my other blog,, which is slanted more towards gear and superheroes.  One set was me saran wrapped to a bench, and the other had me barefoot and hogtied.  There are over 150+ pics, so they’ll be going up on Saturdays for a while!  Thought I’d give a small preview here, so you can see what’ll be going up.  Feel free to visit there to see more, full sets will begin next Saturday on my other blog.

Something that will interest most of you here… those black socks of his had been worn for a year without being washed.  You can read about it here.  He also let me keep them.  That was pretty awesome.

Oh, that 3rd set?  A full ducttape mummification.  I’ll post that here, later.


I actually have quite a few pics and scenes to catch up here.  A young Latin newbie gets tied up, a blonde college twink services me in bondage, an update from LL_slavej, more torment for PAW_ss, and, ahem a foot three-some with some well-known foot guys.  Not to mention a few original sets from yours truly.  Lots of good stuff on the horizon!  So much so that I will be posting exclusive content on both Saturdays and Sundays until I run out of content.  Something to make you enjoy your weekends a little bit more!

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