Day: August 16, 2015

Reader Submissions

Reader Submissions

Not quite sure why, but I’ve been quite popular on Recon lately, getting cruises from all over (and I don’t currently have a premium membership, so this is highly unusual).  But it’s quite flattering, so I’m not complaining!

Along with that, I’ve been getting quite a few reader submissions recently.  First off, foot slave David, punishing his feet as he should.

20150702_223858 20150702_223907 20150702_223932 20150702_223938

Next, a submission that wishes to remain anon, but didn’t mind his tied feet being shared.  Love some of the toe work, very hot!  And creative.

feet-rope-03 feet-rope-08 feet-rope-14 feet-rope-19 feet-rope-22

Do you want to see your tied up and tortured feet appear here?  Contact me!