Day: August 30, 2015

Mutt’s dawgs; Send stuff to my PO Box!

Mutt’s dawgs; Send stuff to my PO Box!

Two items today.  First, I wanted to share with you some pics of one of my personal favorite foot slaves. He used to go by the name Mutt a long time ago.  I’ve yet to meet him, because he’s in England and I’m in Los Angeles. But he’s one of my top guys I’d like to meet and have a scene with. With feet like these, would you blame me?

IMG_7215 muttsolesIMG_7871Photo Jul 11, 6 44 55 AMIMG_7478IMG_6210IMG_6209IMG_4719IMG_5039IMG_471793624c IMG_8245IMG_8246

As I type this, he’s working on getting these socks stinky for me and then send them my way.  He told me the longest he’s ever worn a pair of socks has been a week; I told him to go for two.  He also assures me his trainers get pretty stinky too, as this close up shot implies.  And look at how brown they’re getting with just his foot sweat.  Can’t wait until I have theses puppies to sniff and taste.  Yummmm…

IMG_8285 IMG_8348 IMG_8360 IMG_8362 IMG_8363 IMG_8364

Speaking of which, many of you may not know this, but I currently have a PO Box.  But I may only keep it another 6 months.  So if there’s anything you’d like to send me (used socks, gear, etc.), please contact me, and I’ll let you know.  I’m certainly not a cash master, but I also can’t lie that I’d love to get some gifts from you guys!