Day: September 7, 2015

Porn Feet, History, a Mystery, and F*ggot Thoughts

Porn Feet, History, a Mystery, and F*ggot Thoughts

Quite a bit to post about today!

First off, the mystery.  I found these pics on a bondage forum.  They clearly seem to be from some movie, but nobody on the forum was able to identify the movie or the actors.  Does anyone know more, and especially maybe a YouTube link to the actual scene?  It looks damn hot!

tumblr_nnfphvfSc61s5z4tro1_540 tumblr_nnhhxiQlVe1s5z4tro1_1280 tumblr_nnhhxo4adu1s5z4tro1_1280 tumblr_nsqbtsLvdW1s5z4tro1_1280

Next, a bit of history.   I was doing a bit of research on Physique Pictorial, one of the first gay mags ever made in the 60s.  I own a few issues ever since my visit to Kayo Books.  Created by Bob Mizer, he also included artists such as Tom of Finland and George Quiantance.  This was at a time where, even though there was no nudity in the mags, some mail carriers would refuse to deliver them because they thought they were obscene.  Mizer himself served jail time over such issues.  But really, I think we all need to tip our hat to him for creating awareness of the male form.  Turns out these pretty iconic images were also his.  Very progressive for the times, don’t you think?  Admittedly, he generally did not do a lot of bondage… he kept the focus on more bodybuilding poses.  But clearly, he wasn’t afraid of some kink.

ev_2015-07-02_bob_mizer_nick_and_blue_max_hensley_lrg Exile_BMF_05 LeonardChambers-amg-bondage01

Moving on to today, I thought I’d include a few pics of some porn guys (Tyler Rush and Johnny Rapid) I like that have feet shots.  I hope they give us more of their feet!  Yes, I totally agree that Tyler has a very fine ass.  But I think he also has very nice feet, and he should show those off once in a while.

CLPqM9kUAAAn6sV CMBYnpJUsAA0xv8.jpg large johnnyrapid

Back to F*ggot

This is something that’s been on my mind since this post from July 2012, (with follow ups here and here, and many others–do a search for the word here on the blog).  But as more people voice their opinions, my thoughts continue to evolve as others do the same.

To summarize, there is growing controversy over the word “fag/faggot” being used in a kinky, humiliation/degradation, verbal context.  It’s seen quite a bit on many tumblr posts, and I will confess I’ve used it here from time to time.

I can totally see and understand why so many do not like seeing this word appear over and over again on their kinky tumblrs and blogs, especially as it becomes more prolific.  For so many of us, it’s a very hurtful word that is/was degrading, and not in a pleasant sort of way.  Seeing it become more pervasive is creating some backlash–which I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing.  Many view the “f” word for our community as the “n” word for the African-American community.  I totally respect this view.

My own husband detests the word, kinky context or otherwise.  If I ever said that to him, even if he were in a slave role, it would completely take him out of the scene.  So I never use it around him at all.  He doesn’t consent to the word.

But consent is the key word.  As SaltLakeFootman said in a recent tumblr post, it is a word that can get him off in the context of a scene.  Because he has consented to have the word used in that moment.

As I wrote in one of my own earlier posts, it was actually a difficult word for me to once say, even in only with cyber slave scene.  I really struggled with it, trying to decide if I wanted to cross that line.  But when I did… I have to confess, I really enjoyed it as a Dom in the context of a scene, and the slave responded to it.

I have definitely talked to a large number of guys who do get off on being called that.  Enough to make me continue using the word when it’s in context.  Many have even thanked me for calling them that, even when I didn’t order them to do so.

I do realize that will turn some people off, so as a comprise, I try not to overuse it here on the blog.  And I would never use it outside any kinky, verbal humiliation context.