LL_slavej Thoughts: My Descent into being a Cyber Slave

I’ve been working with LL_slavej as his cyber Master for quite some time now.  And I thought it would be interesting to hear his perspective on our relationship in his own words.  And I was right!  I hope you enjoy hearing a bit more about what it’s like to be a cyber slave from one of the best I’ve ever had.

A couple years ago I started realizing my fascination with bondage. After browsing a few different websites, I realized it was more than just bondage. I was drawn in by the idea of being someone’s slave; by having a Master. In the mix of my website browsing, I stumbled across TFG’s website. I was instantly hooked. After keeping up with his blog for a couple of years, I reached out to TFG via email. Initially I was just going to chat with him. Tell him I liked his blog, etc. After hearing back from him the first time, I knew I needed more. I needed to be his slave. So, I took a gamble and emailed him back as submissively as possible (lower case i, capital You, etc) and thankfully, he took the bait. From that point forward, I was his.

At the time I started serving TFG, I was still living with my parents. Privacy was horrible to come by, but we would make do late at night in my room. Over time some personal issues came up and TFG was very understanding about all of them. He gave me my space whenever I needed it, but I always came back for more. Time was also hard to come by. I had/have a full time job. Balancing my slave life and my personal life was relatively easy with the help of TFG. He understood that my personal life was off limits. No family, no public, no getting caught. I would let him know when i was able to serve him and during that time, i was completely his.

I have been serving TFG since than and still do. It has been an amazing couple of years of serving TFG and also being a master towards another of his slaves .

TFG asked me to write this blog post to inform people of how I balance my two lives and how being a cyber slave feels. Balance is simple, as I mentioned before. To keep up my promise to him, I’m going to be completely honest about how being a cyber slave make me feel. It makes me feel like me. I guess I should explain a little more. Being a slave means I give up control to him for different aspects of my life, like when to cum. It is humiliating, degrading, and very scary at times, but I trust him. By doing that, I feel more comfortable, happy, and myself than ever before. Yes, there are times he has be do things I don’t want to, like wrap my head in saran wrap, but there are also times I get extreme pleasure by obeying his commands.

Being a cyber slave, or a slave in general, is not for everyone. You really have to be willing to commit to it, and be able to trust your Master in everything you do. Over the couple years I have served TFG, I have grown to trust him, more and more. I have purchased supplies to be able to serve him better. I strive to please him when I am able, and am able to have a normal life at the same time.

The last thing I would like to mention is a quote I would come across in pretty much all of the blogs I used to frequent: “Being a slave doesn’t mean he is weak. In fact. Being a slave means he is the strongest. He is strong enough to let go completely. That is true strength.”

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