Month: October 2015

TFG Thoughts:  Age is not a year, but an attitude

TFG Thoughts: Age is not a year, but an attitude

So I’m going to tell you something that may be shocking on social media sites:  the age I list here is my true age.

I don’t lie about my age.

I’m a very honest person by nature.  For a while, it was inconceivable to me that anyone would lie about their age, or anything on their profile.  But I figured out otherwise pretty quickly.

It’s human nature to want to appear younger.  We all see the profiles that say “No one over the age of x“, and x is usually 30, 35, or 40 if you’re lucky.  Really, I can’t complain… back when I was a teen/early twenties, anything over 30 sounded so old.  I mean, I did it myself.  But we didn’t have social media then, nor the age of seeing celebrities in their 40s (and up!) still looking amazingly hot.

I think now, it depends what sort of shape your body is in.  I’ve seen guys in their 40s who (assuming their profile pics are to be believed–which isn’t always the case, I know–that’s an entirely different topic) look just as good as guys in their 20s.  So far (knock on wood), I think my body has held up pretty well overall.  The header pic in this post is me from this year, and I am in my mid-40s.

I think it also depends on what you’re looking for.  I do believe that in general, if you’re looking for a long term relationship, it does tend to be better to be with someone around your own age, just for maturity reasons.  My husband is only a year away from me in age, and we get along swimmingly.  There are exceptions, but a similar age range would be my personal recommendation.

However, if you’re just looking just for fun, things may be different.  I do enjoy the twinks, but even I can get put off by cute guys in their late teens and early twenties, just because they can be so arrogant and/or flaky.  When having meets, I generally prefer guys in their mid 20s to early 30s, because they tend to be more reliable.  I have made exceptions if the guys have seemed very responsive, follow through, and show a very genuine interest.

Part of me is surprised that there are many young guys willing to work with me, an older guy.  But I think 1) my reputation with this blog helps, 2) some have an age play fetish, and 3) they view age as a sign of experience and perhaps wisdom.

As I begin to gradually head toward my 50s, perhaps telling the truth about my age may get more difficult.  Even as I write it, imagining myself as 50 sounds a bit daunting, like a large milestone that could potentially filter me out of many searches.  But I’ve never believed about lying about who I am.

LL_slavej’s birthday

LL_slavej’s birthday

So I recently found out that my lowest cyber slave turned 23.  Had to have him ring that in a number of humiliating ways…

Please keep in mind that sometimes the conversations jumps a bit due to editing I do in terms of maintaining privacy.  But you can follow most of it.

IMG_8011 IMG_8012IMG_7992 IMG_8013 IMG_8014 IMG_8015IMG_7994 IMG_8016 IMG_7998 IMG_7999 IMG_8017 IMG_8018IMG_8001 IMG_8019 IMG_8002IMG_8003IMG_8020IMG_8004 IMG_8021  IMG_8005 IMG_8006IMG_8022[I did request he send me a video.  Video not posted here for privacy reasons]

IMG_8023 IMG_8024 IMG_8025 IMG_8026 IMG_8009

Looks like the best birthday gift was in my honor!  As it should be.