More fun stuff from Fort Troff

I say, they are really tapping into to my feet kinks.  Love these pics for some new socks.

sox_2 sox_1 tumblr_nvga2xJydf1sigxz0o1_400

Plus, I love the functionality of this hood.  I’m a big fan of hoods with a blindfold included (if you’ve never used a regular spandex hood before, you can actually see right through the fabric), but having a wider opening for the mouth and nose means I can really have a slave under my control, but still able to lick, taste, and smell every inch of my foot.  Seems like a win-win, I think I may have to get this one myself!

grunt_hood_2 grunt_hood_1

And a few more pics I liked from their site, for obvious reasons.  Go support them!

60776_22 60776_50 g

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