LL_slavej’s birthday

So I recently found out that my lowest cyber slave turned 23.  Had to have him ring that in a number of humiliating ways…

Please keep in mind that sometimes the conversations jumps a bit due to editing I do in terms of maintaining privacy.  But you can follow most of it.

IMG_8011 IMG_8012IMG_7992 IMG_8013 IMG_8014 IMG_8015IMG_7994 IMG_8016 IMG_7998 IMG_7999 IMG_8017 IMG_8018IMG_8001 IMG_8019 IMG_8002IMG_8003IMG_8020IMG_8004 IMG_8021  IMG_8005 IMG_8006IMG_8022[I did request he send me a video.  Video not posted here for privacy reasons]

IMG_8023 IMG_8024 IMG_8025 IMG_8026 IMG_8009

Looks like the best birthday gift was in my honor!  As it should be.


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