LL_slavej mummifies himself

So this was a fun session.  A bit of history… for those of you who remember SockBictchSlave, I’ve now allowed LL_slavej to Dom him from time to time.  LL_slavej ordered him to wrap up his legs in saran wrap.  I saw the pic, thought it was hot, as asked if SockBitchSlave would allow me to post it.  Sadly, he said no.  However, it did lead me to order LL_slavej to replicate the pic himself.  But on a whim, things got a bit more intense, as you will soon see…

saranpunishment (1) saranpunishment (7)

So as you can see, he eagerly complied. And that pic was a remarkable likeness for the one SockBitchSlave sent. And he said it got him hard.  And since it did, I didn’t want that hard on to go to waste.  So I got quite a bit cruel.  You should know that this was happening in the early evening, after he had returned from work.

By the way, if you can’t tell from the dick pic, I had also ordered him to shave off his pubic hair, to further emphasize the fact he is just a pussy boi.  He did, and had never done so before.  But he’s a true bitch now.

saranpunishment (2) saranpunishment (11)saranpunishment (3) saranpunishment (6)saranpunishment (7)saranpunishment (9)saranpunishment (10)

So he now was ordered to remain in this for about the next 2+ hours.  And as proof, I required him to send me pics throughout the night.  Do keep in mind he is in a different time zone, so the 7:45 pic was at 5:45 for me.

saranpunishment (4)saranpunishment (5)saranpunishment (6)saranpunishment (5)saranpunishment (1) saranpunishment (4)      saranpunishment (8)

For later pics, I also required him to wrap up his chest, and later still, his face and head (leaving openings for nose and mouth), as well as the rest of his feet.  Face pics are mine only, but he did comply.

saranpunishment (8)saranpunishment (9) saranpunishment (10)

I love that he spent an entire evening like this.  He basically had to crawl and roll around in his own house for the entire night.  That’s a very dedicated slave, and a good example of why he’s the lowest of the low.

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