Used socks from a friend

I’ve posted about “Mutt” a few times before.  This time, he actually took the time to send me a pair of his week-old socks.  They were only worn inside his shoes, never outside.  Trust me, they reek about as bad as they look.

A pic he told while he was in the process of wearing them. He’d often text me updates every few days, so I could see them getting progressively smellier.
His used socks resting on my bare feet. They were still a bit damp out of the package, and this is after being sent from England to Los Angeles!
Getting in a good whiff. They were putrid!
Putting his socks on my feet. Hot.

Needless to say, I’ve shot a number of loads over these already. Thanks again, Mutt! You’ll be repaid soon enough…

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